Inside its 20.000 mq of wharehouses and storeyards, Longafer places at your disposal a wide selection of new and reutilized rails.

Our kinds of rails are: Decauville (light rails used in factories for automation and to make little wan slide in ceramic and brickwork factories); Railway (heavy rails for industrial pourposes and for railway junctions); Burback (the right choice for your cranes).

Should you require it, together with new rails we will give you their analysis certificate and their complete specifications. As far as reutilized rails are concerned, we only have Railway rails and they are classified according to grant our clients the right relation between quality and price. All the materials may be supplied in the measures required. We place at our clients disposal an high-technology saw, that allows a precise cut up to 45°.

Longafer also place at its clients disposal a complete set of fasteners that can simplify the installation of our rails.

Fixing Plates direct fit to bolt without interlayer type P16 Lightweight for fixing rails type decauville S24 e S30. For railway rails type S33 UNI 36 for rails Burback type A45.



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