Our History

Longafer brand gathers 40 years of enterprise and experience, gained by Ermanno Longagnani both in the fleld of new rall materials and in the field of reutilized rail ones.

Our rails have been laid in the most important Italian factories and let your equipment slide effectively. Effectiveness has always been one of the key ideas of our entrepreneurial philosophy. Longafer re-enters the market with new energy and let you choose among most of the types of rails which are available onto Italian and European markets.

We are thinking about a new company that must be abreast with the times. This means to be flexible, but, at the same time, to be based on its founder’s main ideas, that is to say the client and his needs must be our starting point, and the quality of the material our point of arrival. It also have to reinforce the relationship between our work and the market. This site is the best way for you to meet our company and to consider our product. We have studied the page regarding our products carefully, in order to give your engeneering department all the information you need to understand property our three main product: railway rails, decauville rails, and burback rails. This is the first of many future signs given by a company, which has always been considered as a leader in the rail trade. The wish of the founder was that Longafer could face new market challenges, and that it could be abreast with the times. He has left this message to the second generation and it will be the main target of their work.

CEO Longafer
Giuseppe Longagnani

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